php show errors



# Bitnami applications installed in a Virtual Host
Include "/opt/bitnami/frameworks/codeigniter/conf/httpd-vhosts.conf"
Include "/opt/bitnami/apps/beta/conf/httpd-vhosts.conf"

wordpress xml-rpc

Sucuri says block it.

add_filter( ‘xmlrpc_methods’, function( $methods ) {
   unset( $methods[''] );
   return $methods;
} );

sublime plugins

My toolbox.

        "HTML-CSS-JS Prettify",
        "Increment Selection",
        "Pretty JSON",
        "Search WordPress Codex or QueryPosts",
        "Sublimerge Pro",

Work, for the night is coming

“Work, for the night is coming,
Under the sunset skies;
While their bright tints are glowing,
Work, for daylight flies.
Work till the last beam fadeth,
Fadeth to shine no more;
Work, while the night is darkening,
When man’s work is o’er.”

– Anna Coghill
(John 9:4)


remove directory

rmdir folder /s/q

mailgun is the new mandrill

Tried it out on the Accezz build.

Patrick Shampine mailgun contact form tutorial.

You need to apply so anti-spam measures.

Eustasy’s tutorial even has recaptcha!

wordpress in google app engine

Following the official guide, I felt they left out some crucial points.


– When setting up your Cloud SQL make sure it’s located in the same region as your App Engine instance.
– By default App Engine Instances are located in the United States.
– Add your IP address Authorized Networks in the Cloud SQL settings.
– Authorized your App Engine Application in the Cloud SQL settings.


– If your GAE SDK crashes when you try to connect to mySQL, just shell in then.
– mysql -uroot -p -hip address
– the root SQL password can be set in the Cloud SQL settings.

configuring email

– I installed mandrill to get around the sendmail issues.